Product Care

At H+E we are all about keeping our designs looking their very best so they can be treasured by you (and maybe others beyond you) long into the future. By following our care instructions to extend the life of our products you can help minimise the impact on our environment, as well as helping prevent yet another piece of clothing uneccessarily ending up as landfill.

To extend the life of your garment we strongly recommend you hand-wash it in cool water with a mild detergent, give it a squeeze and then use a clean towel to roll the garment in and soak up excess water. Then hang it out of direct sunlight to dry. Using a gentle hand-wash cycle on front-loader washing machine will not damage our garments, they just won’t look as good for as long (especially our printed linens) and you won't feel as good for doing your bit for the planet. 
If you stain the printed linen spot clean as quickly as possible with a damp clean cloth. To extend the life of the leather and to protect it from future stains we recommend rubbing a very small amount of leather conditioner onto the main leather parts every few months or so with a soft clean cloth. Take care to wipe off all excess product to avoid staining any printed linen or linings.
To extend the life of your scarf and to keep it looking good we recommend you hand-wash it in cool water with mild detergent and press in a towel to soak up excess water. Once dry a warm iron will bring the silk cotton back to it’s original drapey best.
Nuances inherent in the design and manufacture of hand-made products using natural fibres like linen, hemp and cotton are a natural feature of the fabric and an integral part of the design and organic/hand-made nature of the brand.  As such slight variations in appearance, prints and finishes may be apparent which are all signature marks of the process. This can be apparent occasionally on a dark based print, which is printed on textured linen, but is not a fault.