The best design does more than just look good. A well considered, unique and original design can create a moment of pure joy and inspiration in those who appreciate it.  As a designer, I live for these moments. When something unusual really grabs me, I immediately feel a deep sense of excitement and my mind starts ticking over at all the ways it might help influence my work. A new creative door is opened which I can't wait to enter.  I've decided to try to capture this feeling and energy and channel it into a beautiful, unique and original home & accessories brand - Hook+Eye.  I find inspiration and ideas for Hook+Eye in so many places: Like many Australians, the sea is very important to me. For as long as I can remember I have loved its colours, moods and tempos which are never the same from one day to the next.  Travel is also a great inspiration for similar reasons.  I've especially relished soaking up the vibrant colours of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Africa and alway love the overwhelming rawness of India. But during my trips I often realise that I am able to have such a deep appreciation for travel, because I know that I will eventually be returning home to family and friends. That's why home is a huge inspiration too.  My goal is to create pieces that reflect these feelings, experiences and memories by injecting new life into the spaces where loved-ones come together, unique and soulful pieces to be treasured long into the future.
Hook+Eye is designed and made sustainably in Australia using textured, organic and natural-fibre fabrics and buttery-soft Italian leathers. It is tactile rather than slick; artisan, not mass produced.  A collection of clutch bags, scarves, wall art and more, all featuring an original hand-painted artwork inspired by the places I’ve been and the places I dream about going. I hope you are as inspired by Hook+Eye as I am.