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A good design does more than just look good. A well considered, unique and original design can create a moment of pure joy and inspiration in all those who appreciate it.  As a designer, I live for these rare moments when I discover a truly original, very unusual or amazing vintage piece like nothing I have seen before. I immediately feel a deep sense of excitement and inspiration as my mind starts ticking over at all the ways it might help influence my work. A new creative door is opened and I can't wait to enter!  

I've decided to try to capture this feeling and energy and channel it into each and every piece I design for Hook+Eye. I find inspiration and ideas in so many places. Like many Australians lucky enough to grow up and live along the coast, the ocean is very important to me. For as long as I can remember I have loved its colours, moods and tempos which are never the same from one day to the next.  Travel is also a great inspiration for similar reasons.  I've especially relished soaking up the vibrant colours and patterns of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Africa and always love the overwhelming rawness of India. 

My goal is to create pieces that reflect these feelings, experiences and memories; unique and soulful pieces to be treasured long into the future.

Hook+Eye is designed and made sustainably in Australia using textured, organic natural-fibre fabrics, trims and buttery-soft Italian leathers. It is tactile rather than slick; artisan, not mass produced.  A collection of clutch bags, scarves, wall art and more, all featuring an original hand-painted artwork inspired by the places I’ve been and the places I dream about going. I hope you are as inspired by Hook+Eye as I am in creating it for you.